Dr Coralie Mills

Welcome to Dendrochronicle, a consultancy led by Dr Coralie Mills, a dendrochronologist and landscape archaeologist, working in Scotland. Read more about Coralie, and her colleagues Peter Quelch and Hamish Darrah on the About pages. Our services include: tree-ring dating (dendrochronology) for archaeology, historic buildings, trees and wooded landscape projects; woodland heritage assessments and surveys; archaeological wood identifications; ancient wood technology; traditional woodworking demonstrations; provision of workshops in dendrochronology and woodland heritage; talks and guided walks. Please read the FAQs page if you are considering seeking our services. See the Events page for news of forthcoming workshops, etc.

The Dendrochronicle website brings content on woodland history, archaeology and dendrochronology, mainly in Scotland, including how tree-ring analysis and other complementary approaches can provide insight into the history of our native woodlands, our cultural wooded landscapes and our built heritage.

Caerlaverock, Hamish Darrah & Peter Quelch at the Shrew Pollard 2019: Photo C Mills

An inter-disciplinary approach combines field evidence with documentary research, especially historic maps, to reveal wooded landscape history and cultural significance. Studies of living trees, deadwood, sub-fossil wood and historic timbers may complement this to tell different strands of the same story, the story of how the form and fate of our woodlands has been shaped by human and natural influences over time.

Dendrochronicle’s holistic approach is able to provide rich, chronologically controlled information about buildings archaeology and timber trade as well as woodland origins, landscape evolution, management history, stand dynamics and so on. Such historical information is important in its own right, but may also inform interpretation, conservation and future management of our natural and built heritage.

Dendrochronicle’s pages provide more information about the concepts outlined above and related services, resources and events.