Timberwatch Scotland Campaign

Coralie dendro-sampling in a historic Scottish roof.  Photo by Anne Crone

The ‘Timberwatch Scotland’ campaign aims to raise awareness, improve protection and seek support for the investigation of historic timbers in Scotland’s built heritage. The campaign is led by Scotland’s only two archaeo-dendrochronologists, Dr Coralie Mills of Dendrochronicle and Dr Anne Crone of AOC Archaeology.

As our recently published  Timberwatch Scotland article shows, there is very little uptake of dendrochronology or related investigation of historic timberwork in Scotland, few conditions are ever placed upon timbers impacted by repairs or development here, and there is no central funding or support for dendrochronology Рin stark contrast to the much better support in England and most European and Scandinavian countries. We are grateful to the Native Woodlands Discussion Group (www.nwdg.org.uk) for publishing our article.

The article includes a Timberwatch Scotland campaign email address for anyone wishing to assist us with this or contact us about it.