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RS1 Tree-Ring Dating & Archaeology Workshop 27 July 2011

Tree-Ring Dating & Archaeology Workshop 27 July 2011

RS2 Dendrochronicle Workshop

Tree-Ring Dating & Archaeology Workshop 28 July 2011

The two Tree-Ring Dating & Archaeology workshops on 27 & 28 July in East Lothian were really enjoyable, and with such a diverse and interesting range of participants. I would like to thank everyone who came along for their interest and enthusiasm. Photos of our groups during the visit to the Dalkeith Park Old Oaks accompany this item. My special thanks to Murray & David of Rampart Scotland for hosting, to Jonathan & Alison of NWDG for helping out, and to Cameron Manson, head ranger at Dalkeith Country Park, Buccleuch Estates for a wonderful site visit.  I’m now looking forward to organising my next events, being firmed up as we speak, for Sept and Oct for particular organisations. More news on the Events page soon.

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2 Responses to Workshops news

  1. Steve Waters says:

    Message for Coralie Mills.
    I have been talking with Kath Owen (Woodland Trust) about the possibility of attending a course on Dendrochronology and she gave me this link to your web-site. I’m one of the lead verifiers for the Ancient Tree Hunt and have been looking for more detailed information about tree ring dating for some time, so your initiative sounds just the job.
    When are you running your next course and would there be room for another participant?
    Looking forward to your reply
    Steve Waters

  2. Coralie Mills says:

    Hello Steve,
    thanks very much for your enquiry, I intend to run more dendrochronology workshops. However, the next two events I am running are for particular organisations and their staff or members. The next dendro 1-day workshop (this month) is for staff of a heritage body in Scotland and is full; the event after that, in late Oct, is jointly with Peter Quelch on woodland heritage more broadly – for the Community Woodlands Association, in the Cairngorms. It will include a short section on dendro but will be much broader. Joining CWA is well worthwhile, not least for their great training programme. More details about that on my Events page and on CWA website. I will email you with a little more info
    best wishes

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