SCOT2K A 2000 year native pine tree-ring record for Scotland

Mar Lodge native pine : C Mills 2013

Native pine at Glen Derry, Mar Lodge Estate. Copyright C Mills 2013

A 2000 year tree-ring chronology for native pine in Scotland: that is the exciting objective of the NERC-funded SCOT2K Project led by Dr Rob Wilson at the University of St Andrews. I am delighted to have been appointed as a part-time Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews to work on this 3-year project which has just gone live.I shall be continuing my freelance work in Dendrochronicle alongside this part-time post.  In SCOT2K I’ll be working with Rob and his team at St Andrews, and with collaborators in other institutions, on extending native Scots pine dendrochronological coverage to the last two millennia for Scotland – for climate reconstruction & cultural heritage objectives. I shall be focussing on obtaining native pine timber samples from Scotland’s built heritage, especially in the pine heartlands, to augment periods when the ‘natural’ tree record is thin due to historic woodland exploitation. An annually resolved 2000 year climate record for Scotland will have much to offer many fields of interest including archaeology, history and environmental science.

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4 Responses to SCOT2K A 2000 year native pine tree-ring record for Scotland

  1. Gerry Loose says:

    Of interest to this poet/artist, as well. Would enjoy meeting at some time and talking through. I’m currently working with FC and town planners; later in the year will be working at Dawyck Botanical Gardens, where I’m sure the curator will be interested.

    • Coralie Mills says:

      Hello Gerry, thank you for your interest in this. Your work looks really lovely and interesting. Its early days yet for the SCOT2K project, so maybe we should talk more once we have made some progress with it, but you might like to look at the wider Scottish Pine Dendro Project of which it forms a part – with more info about the team, including team leader Rob Wilson, as well as more on the project. Here is a link for the St Andrews tree-ring lab and its pine projects We are in the process of updating the site to incorporate more on SCOT2K, and I’ll be writing a section on the cultural heritage aspects, this week hopefully, so more info soon, best wishes, Coralie

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