Native Scottish dendro, new links & TRACE

Rothie CM

Rothiemurchus – Loch an Eilean copyright C Mills

I’ve been at the TRACE dendro conference this week, in Aviemore, organised by my colleagues at the University of St Andrews. Fantastic conference, I learned a great deal from the other speakers and poster presenters, as TRACE covers all branches (!) of dendrochronology, from archaeology to isotopes, from ecology to climate, and much more …. and all inter-twined of course. Anyway, this has spurred me to update the Dendrochronicle projects page, with the abstract of the historical keynote I was invited to give, on the Dendro evidence for the changes in Scotland’s built heritage and cultural landscapes over the last 1000 years, and with the Mills & Crone Scottish Forestry article on a closely related theme. If you would like to check out the TRACE presentations there is a programme with all of the abstracts available for download on the St Andrews Uni link here.

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