Meeting of UK Dendrochronologists, Cambridge, Dec 2017

The UK has a small number of dendrochronologists, and the majority of them are in this photo, taken at the recent meeting held at Cambridge University Geography Department with their recently appointed dendro group, Dr Ulf Buentgen (seated in photo) and his team, as hosts. This answers the question of whether we could all fit round one table. We are a rare resource! Those present include dendro-climatologists, dendro-ecologists and dendro-archaeologists. There was a full house for the Scottish contingent of Dr Anne Crone (AOC Archaeology), Dr Rob Wilson (St Andrews Uni) and me (Dr Coralie Mills of Dendrochronicle & St Andrews Uni). The attendees gave short presentations of our work, with time for wider discussion, and the meeting enriched our understanding of what the UK Dendro community as a whole think of as the pressing issues for our very specialist field, with long-term archiving and training of new dendrochronologists being among them. We all agreed that the meeting was valuable and pencilled in a plan to meet in Scotland, perhaps in two years’ time. A short article summarising the meeting has been published in Dendrochronologia, written by Ulf and all the participants. Please e-mail me if you would like a copy – see Contacts page for email address.

Copyright Ulf Buentgen 2017

UK Dendrochronologists’ meeting Cambridge Dec 2017: From L to R:  Neil Loader, Rob Wilson, Coralie Mills, Annemarie Eckes, Martin Bridge,
Ulf Büntgen, Rachael Turton, Tom Melvin, Paul J Krusic, Fredrik C
Ljungqvist, Mary Gagen, Alison Arnold, Alma Piermattei, Robert Howard,
Tim Osborn, David Brown, Roderick Bale, Giles Young, Mike Baillie,
Andrew Martin, Ross Cook, Anne Crone, Iain Robertson, Cathy Tyers, Nigel
Nayling, and Dan Miles. Photo: Copyright Ulf Buentgen 2017




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