Christmas greetings

Coralie's Christmas wreath

Coralie's native wreath. Copyright C Mills 2011

We have a long tradition in Britain of bringing in native tree greenery at Christmas, most surely connected to ancient mid-winter celebrations.  The photo shows the fresh wreath I made at a workshop this week, and uses native yew, ivy and birch bark hearts. It is posted here by way of a Christmas Greeting to all of Dendrochronicle’s friends. Its been an exciting year, with the chance to meet many new people and to get to know some more historic woodlands through new projects. Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling New Year. Coralie.

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2 Responses to Christmas greetings

  1. Hi Coralie,

    Have a Wonderful New Year as well!!

    Love, Iris

    • Coralie Mills says:

      Hi Iris, sorry to take so long to reply – thanks for your message and I hope 2012 is absolutely wonderful for you. Love from Coralie

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