Another year, another tree-ring

Dalkeith deadwood

Dalkeith fallen oak. Copyright Coralie Mills 2015.

A year since I last blogged, only because it has been an exceptionally busy time and still is! So the very briefest of updates, and with thanks to the many colleagues, collaborators and clients involved. Work continues on the Scottish Pine Project, in which I hold a part-time research fellowship at the University of St Andrews. Alongside that, other projects over the last year have included: development of a native oak chronology for south east Scotland, using deadwood from the old oaks at Dalkeith Park; historic woodland assessment survey at Falkland Park; and assistance with the creation of a ScARF directory of Archaeological Scientists for Scotland.  Also a busy year as chair of the Native Woodlands Discussion Group, which had its 40th anniversary bash in 2014. NWDG is a great friendly society for anyone interested in woodland history, ecology and management especially in northern Britain. This year sees the 20th anniversary of our Scottish Woodland History Conference too. More details on the NWDG website. Right better get on with some work!

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